Nov 1
AVG Rescue CD
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AVG’s rescue cd allows you to scan and repair your computer outside of the installed windows operating system. This is great considering once a computer is infected many viruses stop anti-virus software from removing and stopping the infections within windows, but outside of windows the viruses are powerless. AVG accomplishes this by packaging their AVG antivirus software inside a live linux distribution. A live operating system is one you can boot from removable media such as a dvd or flash drive and not need to install. AVG offers a helpful guide to obtain and prepare a copy of the resuce cd.

For most users, universal drivers which support their computer are normally included with the live linux distro. Computers with newer unsupported hardware can sometimes have issues which can prevent the linux operating system from booting. A workaround for this includes adding different boot parameters to inform the operating system to not use the hardware. To do this with the AVG rescue cd at the boot selection screen hit tab and add one of the below combination’s to the boot parameter. If still no luck try the next combination.

  • noapic nolapic
  • acpi=off
  • irqpoll
  • lapic pci=routeirq
Oct 5

A simple method to bypass HP’s limit restriction on the number of recovery sets is to simply delete all instances of “hpcd.sys” or “hpdrcu.prc”.

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Jul 6

Stumbled across these videos revealing some not so publicized Disney facts such as a basketball court, underground tunnels and hidden items in rides.

Disney Fact or Fiction: Disney World Underground Tunnel Myth  –
Disneyland Fact or Fiction: The Matterhorn –

Forgotten Disneyland Part I  –
Forgotten Disneyland Part II –
Forgotten Disneyland Part III –
Forgotten Disneyland Part IV –

Apr 3

iphone wireless usb adapter

Currently multiple third party applications allow the iPhone to tether or share it’s data plan with your computer. Just recently I discovered using June Fabrics Technology‘s PdaNet you can not only tether your data plan but also it’s wifi connection, making your ipod touch or iphone also a wireless USB adapter.

Basic steps to use ipod touch as a wireless usb adapter:
-Install PdaNet Desktop. This requires itunes to be installed.
-Install PdaNet in cydia or RockApp. If you don’t have either of these you most likely haven’t jailbroken your iPod… Similar to most useful software on the iPods, you will NEED your device jailbroken.
-On your iPod, set the PdaNet application to USB Mode in the settings.
-On the desktop, right click on PdaNet tray icon and click connect.

PdaNet is also available for Android, PalmOS, Windows Mobile, and BlackBerry.

Mar 20

Thanks to the sick deal Joe passed onto me I’ve replaced my 19-inch monitor with a 22-inch wide screen monitor. I’ve opted to use my 19-inch as my primary monitor in the past due to not having a real need to complete everyday tasks in my 21-inch monitor, instead I’d only use the larger monitor for MCE,, Hulu and movies. I’ve noticed a large number of websites choose to develop only one layout which normally is geared to include those with much lower resolutions.  For those with resolutions nearly double the majority(1024×768?) these layouts result in large empty spaces on the sides of the webpage, leaving the web browser looking rather lonely.

lonely => Resized browser

Here are a few javascript links which will resize the width of the browser window and center the position of it.

In firefox: right click on the link > ‘Bookmark This Link’

Resize window to 1024 => 1024 x 768
Resize window to 1280 => 1280 x 800
Resize window to 1440 => 1440 x 900
Resize window to 1680 => 1680 x 1050

If you wish to modify the javascript: Get current height, width and position.

Edit: Just noticed there is an addon for firefox to do similar.

Feb 22

Hmmmm maybe I should put some use to my abandoned domain and…. must I say it?
Start a blog! :o